Better targeting

Send qualified leads to your sales representatives, without them doing any data entry.



Increase sales time

Because reps spend less time worrying about whom to sell to, they focus on quantity instead.



Communication is key

Nurturing is done on a one-to-one basis and email communication tracked without employees learning new software.

"They did such a great job on the customizations that we kept finding more work for them to do."


"Would strongly recommend them to any business that requires professional and friendly service. "


"Professional and always deliver on time."


"Extremely customer focused provider and willing to do that bit extra to achieve a great outcome. Great Value!!! "


"Danmar provided THE BEST professionals I worked with."

Discover now

Attract, convert, close

Use blogging, publish to social media or improve search rankings in order to attract quality leads. The next step is to build pages, buttons and forms that will turn visitors into leads and segment them according to their activity on site or on other channels. Finally, closing the deal becomes easier due to tools like email, insights and automation of marketing processes. We should probably mention this is all integrated with SugarCRM. Unified and personalized.

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